welcome to my blog page thingy

Hello! my name is Toria, people call me Tree for short because my name is quite hard to pronounce or remember.  It’s like Ter-ri-ya. No its not short for Victoria or it doesn’t sound like terrier or has nothing to do with Teresa.. Anyway enough about my name but if you are looking for baby names I would be delighted and honoured if you chose my name but in the whole 39 years I have been on this planet I’ve yet to hear of anyone that has actually named their baby Toria so I won’t take offence if you choose a more popular and cool name.

  1. I have decided to start writing my own blog (after I had to google what a blog actually was!!), just to share with you some of my experiences as a mother of 4, a step mum and a wife.  I love my kids to absolute pieces but my word, sometimes they do test me to the limit.  My husband and I have often said that if we were to have cameras set up in our house 24hrs a day, we’d make great TV.  Each and everyday something crazy happens, whether it be something good, bad, something minor or just an absolute disaster, it always seems to be us it happens to.  So I’d like to take you on a journey with me and my family and you can see how great I am sometimes as mum and wife and also you can see how effing crap I am too.  But my main objective is just to be a real life mum in brum (which is short for Birmingham for those of you that don’t know), I mean things like.. I would love to say I never shout at my kids because I do, I would love to say my house is like a show home but it definitely isn’t, I would love to say we’re not winging it but we are… the list could go on… So for now and as I am new to this I will add to this page when I get a spare moment in between nappy changes, shopping, school runs and housework but in the mean time you can follow me on instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily posts and chats.  Thank you for reading this and just remember that however bad your day seems, mine is probably worse.  Only joking.. stay happy, this is what life is all about 😃 Continue reading “welcome to my blog page thingy”